Thursday, 15 December 2011

Lovely Jubbly Homemade Cranberry Sauce...Simples!

OK, so I had actually bought fresh Cranberries to eat (try- and- be- healthy- in-run- up- to- wedding- strategy) but they weren't very nice to be fair, too tough & tart! ha! So waste not want not, I made a easy peasy sauce for Christmas day...Simples!

Take 250(ish)g of Fresh Unwanted cranberries

Add 100ml of orange Juice (fresh or from a carton) I used Tropicana! Also add 100g of Muscavado Sugar (the damp dark brown sugar) Gently simmer for about 5 mins, until the Cranberries are very soft but still mainly keeping their shape.

Have a sneaky taste....

Allow to cool and put in a (sterilised) pretty jam jar!

Ta da!!!

Won't your family be impressed!

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